Jewellery bead kit

A Fiery Heart

Handmade glass nuggets and craft kits

Craft meets sustainability with A Fiery Heart's colourful glass Craft Swap Meet supplies. Gisela's offering FREE shipping, FREE gift wrapping and delivery to gift recipients!

A FIERY HEART’s distinct kiln-fired glass jewellery and home décor add a spark of personality to any wardrobe, table setting, window or wall.

Inspired by a passion for colour and light, the small, eye-catching collections are designed and crafted by Gisela Spallek in her glass art studio in Western Sydney. Gisela will bring a variety of bright, colourful and patterned glass cabochons to Craft Swap Meet.

Keeping her brand’s sustainability pledge in mind, these pebbles or “glass stones” are formed from fused and repurposed glass scraps of larger projects. Whether you are looking for a creative activity for a girl’s birthday party, colourful accents to your craft project, or want to create your own statement jewellery piece, be sure to explore what A FIERY HEART has to offer.

Gisela’s personal and creative journey has spanned multiple continents and careers, finally leading her to where she is today: designing and creating one of a kind works of colourful glass art, from small jewellery collections to home décor and large window installations. Her personal values infuse her art and her brand, aiming to bring sustainability, empowerment and joy to the community.

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