Meet our Craft Swap Ambassadors

Alice Nightingale - Fashion Designer

Homelea Lass - Crochet Goddess

We foster community for Australian makers

We would not be able to grow and promote this special event on this gorgeous platform if it wasn’t for the support of our ambassadors.

Read on below to find out more about the lovely folks who are on board and supporting this new, sustainable solution to Australian crafters supplies sourcing conundrums.

Craft Swap Ambassador:
Alice Veivers

"I’m so excited to be part of Craft Swap, it’s the perfect combination of community, creativity and sustainability!

Alice Veivers Craft Swap Ambassador in Studio Workbench
Alice Veivers Craft Swap Pile of Vintage Fabric

“When I started my label in 2009, the majority of my materials, machines and market set up were salvaged and secondhand. This sense of giving life to used items has stayed with me throughout my career and taking part in Craft Swap is the perfect full circle for me. “

“I’ve already rummaged through my collection of bits and bobs and mentally said goodbye to some cute finds. It’s beautiful to know they’ll head out into the world, ready for another life. I won’t lie, I’m also VERY excited to see what our community has in their cupboards! Just think of the possibilities!”

Alice Veivers Craft Swap Supplies

Craft Swap Ambassador:
Lynda Rennick

Chunky Crochet Hook Scissors

“Every time I do a declutter, I’m amazed by the mental space and energy it gives me and how my creativity thrives. Not just of the practical spaces of my home, but of my craft supplies as well.

"I’ve discovered that a tidy creative space filled with things that I want to use is important, otherwise I feel guilty that I’m not making all the things – the burden is real!"

Chunky Crochet Hook and Yarn
Lynda Rennick Craft Swap Ambassador

“I love Craft Swap because it provides a way for craft supplies that are no longer sparking joy to go to a new home where they will be loved and used, and we’ll all feel better for it. Plus, I’m a sucker for some unused hand dyed yarn from someone else’s stash – I love a creative challenge.”

Craft Swap Ambassador:
Kitiya Palaskas

"I instantly connected to the Craft Swap concept!"

Kitiya Palaskas Green Wall of Leaves
Kitiya Palaskas Craft Supply Pack

“I have an entire drawer filled with random scraps of paper, as well as a giant tub of felt scraps.  The colours are so good so it’s hard to throw them out, but what could do with them?!

Perhaps these could work well for someone who works meticulously with appliqué and embellishing, and thanks to Craft Swap I don’t need to throw them away!”

“I’m really fixated on being a sustainable designer, and I want my work to not be wasteful. Craft Swap is the perfect way for me to find a new home for my un-needed supplies, where they will be treasured!”

Craft Swap Meet

An online event for Australian crafters and makers 

13 March 2021

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