Frequently Asked Questions

Craft Swap provides a dedicated platform to Australian makers, crafters and creatives to sustainably buy, swap and sell craft supplies.  Read more about Craft Swap here or explore our FAQ below.

Participating as a Seller

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If you’re keen to sell or swap craft supplies in our Craft Swap Meet events online, they work like this.

Approved sellers will need to set up a category in their web store, Etsy shop, eBay store or your other online selling solution called “Craft Swap” or “Craft Swap Meet”.

Craft Swap will have created a profile about you on our Event page on which features you, outlines your categories of craft supplies and a link to your store (preferably the category, but shop home will work too!).

Buyers will then peruse your online store for the craft supplies you’re selling and swapping in a focused day of all around crafty goodness.

Easy! You specify in your own product listing that the item is not for sale, but for swap. You can be clear about the value in dollar terms on the listing or better still be super specific about what it is you’re looking for that you feel is of equal value to the item for a swap.

Learn about applying to Craft Swap Meets by visiting our Apply page here.  

To find out about future Craft Swap Meet applications, subscribe to our newsletter here.

Jewellery Making & Beading
Hat Making & Hair Crafts

Nail Art
Soap Making & Bath
Makeup & Face Painting

Paper and Party
Washi Tape
Party & Gifting

Sewing and Fibre
Sewing & Needlecraft
Weaving & Tapestry
Patterns & Pattern Making
Rug Making

Visual Arts
Dyeing & Batik
Printing & Printmaking
Drawing & Drafting

Home and Hobby
Doll & Model Making
Floral & Garden Crafts
Food & Fermenting
Woodworking & Carpentry
Candle Making

Sculpting and Forming
Ceramics & Pottery
Molding & Casting
Carving & Whittling
Mosaic Making
Glass Art

3D printing

Are we missing something?  Get in touch.

Craft Swap Meet will operate with three packages of participation for 2021.

You will be able to purchase the package that suits you, based on your marketing requirements.

ALL Packages will enjoy

*Extensive marketing, advertising and PR campaign by Craft Swap to ensure the highest amount of traffic possible clicks through to your website on the day

*A free 30 min webinar hosted by Angela and Renee for sellers on making the most of event participation

💎 Diamond $79
This package provides you with 
* Your profile listing for participation in the event on which links directly to your online store, your Facebook page and your Instagram feed
* 1 x Facebook and Instagram Sponsored Ad about your sale originating from the Craft Swap social media channels in the lead up to the event itself
* A LIVE interview broadcast via Facebook and added to IGTV with Angela and Renee of Craft Swap on the day of the event to promote you, your business and your Craft Swap Sale
* only THREE positions available per meet

🔷 Sapphire $49
This package provides you with:
*Your profile listing for participation in the event on which links directly to your online store, your Facebook page and your Instagram feed
*1 x Facebook and Instagram post about your sale originating from the Craft Swap social media channels EITHER before the event or during the day of the Meet, chosen at the discretion of Craft Swap based on our content schedule

🔻 Ruby $39
This package includes:
*Your profile listing for participation in the event on which links directly to your online store, your Facebook page and your Instagram feed

Above prices include GST
No additional transaction fees or commissions are charged by Craft Swap.

Maybe you spent the summer holidays decluttering your studio and you don’t know what to do with all of that fabric, those buttons, the paints, the packaging, the leftover thread.

Perhaps you’ve changed your artistic medium and you have ample goodies that are sitting there unused, maybe you’re making jewellery now but you used to rock the canvas with acrylics.

Could be that you just have too many things that you’ve accumulated over the years that you keep thinking you’ll get to but maybe they just make you feel guilty about unstarted or unfinished projects, like that embroidery hoop collection or there’s some earring findings needing a new life.

In a post covid world as a maker you could be in need of a little cash flow and you would prefer to get some room in your studio for new products.

You’re looking for a sustainable way to clean out your craft stash without having the goods end up in landfill.

Because you’re a good citizen and you’re keen to support the next wave of crafters that have discovered a new way to enjoy mindful making during lockdown.

Take into consideration what you paid initially for the item, the condition of your item and it's potential for use, and what you feel is a fair price to pay. If you're open to negotiation you can always add that detail to your product description - for example - get in touch with me if you'd like to make me an offer on this item.

Due to industry regulations we are not in a position to support the sale of those items. Please do not include those in your Craft Swap Meet products for sale. Applications that include those items will not be accepted for Craft Swap Meet events.

Buying Craft Supplies

On the big day of Craft Swap Meet you’ll be able to source yourself craft supplies looking for a new home and a new beginning.

Head to the website event page (to be published on the day of the event), have a browse through the categories you’re keen to source some supplies from, whether it’s jewellery or paper or paint or electronics.

Once you’ve found a profile of a seller who might have what you’re looking for, click the button to head to their website.

Locate their Craft Swap / Craft Swap Meet category to see what crafty items they have for sale or that they’re keen to swap.

You will transact directly with the maker who is clearing out their craft supplies.

You can read more about how it works here.

If one of our maker’s is not selling but swapping an item, they will be specifying what they’re keen to swap for. Feel free to make them an offer by contacting them directly if you feel you have something close to what they’re looking for.

Support small creative businesses in a post covid world with a little cash flow to help keep their own creative business going during tough times.

Find products that are currently difficult to source from overseas.

Rehome someone’s craft stash so that you have something to start your own creative practice which you might have only just discovered during lockdown.

Be part of a loop of purchased goodies that you can prevent from going into landfill.

Help others to exorcise the ghosts of projects past by breathing new life into supplies that have laid dormant in someone else's studio.

Pay less for postage by buying within Australia

The sellers set their own prices and Craft Swap are not involved in determining how much people sell their unused craft supplies for. In some cases the price for items may be available for negotiation. Check the product description and contact the seller if you have any questions about price.

Craft Swap

D’Alton Baker Productions created Craft Swap during lockdown as a means to further support their beloved maker community.  Australian creative businesses have been hard hit by the pandemic, the consequential lack of support from government authorities, cancelled design market events, international supply chains almost coming to a stand still and local retail closures.

Craft Swap Meets are a way to create a flurry of purchases between makers across Australia, where people can pick up craft supplies and destash their own studio to make room for new things.

Craft Swap Meets present a more sustainable method of sourcing supplies for crafters across Australia, by both preventing products ending up in landfill, by having a smaller carbon footprint for delivery within the country and by re-using and extending the life of items that may otherwise be garbage.

Craft Swap has more developments coming in the pipeline including more Craft Swap Meets so stay tuned to our social media channels for announcements.

If you’re in the media, we’d love to have your support.  Contact us for media releases and asset downloads to help us to promote this event to the wider community.

If you’re another like-minded business, keen to partner with us in some way, we’d love to hear from you.  Please email Angela and Renee via

Yes we will. Stay tuned to our social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter to find out when we are opening applications for participation and when our next events are happening.

At this point our Brand Ambassador program is by invitation only, but if you think you have what it takes we’d love to hear from you.

If you still have questions please email