Kitiya Palaskas Monstera Kit

Kitiya Palaskas

Super special paper and craft supplies

For Craft Swap Meet, Kitiya has a stack of special paper collage packs, felt plant kits, markers, stickers and colourful beads!

I am an Australian craft-based designer and author. I specialising in prop and installation design, content creation, focusing on handmade techniques and traditional craft methods re-imagined in contemporary ways.

My work is characterised by its bold colours and quirky themes and has spanned the retail, music, advertising and publishing industries. I am also the author of Piñata Party, a craft book published by Hardie Grant and available in Australia, the UK and the USA.

I enjoy sharing my experiences and ideas on the topics of maintaining handmade skills in a digital age, creative wellbeing and forging niche career paths and have been engaged to present at a variety of national and international conferences including Adobe Make It and Altitude Summit.

I am passionate about advocating for more open dialogue around wellbeing issues and how they can affect the lives and careers of creative people. In 2018 I founded Real Talk, an online wellbeing project for creatives. Through a series of blog posts and a curated e-newsletter, we share original articles, stories and resources from all over the community with the aim to empower you and help you lead your best creative life.

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