Melo Handmade DIY kits

Melo Handmades

Dye kits, jewellery findings, woolly goodies what doesn't Melo have?!

Melody from Sydney-based studio Melo Handmades has so many nifty craft supplies to choose from!

Trained in fashion design and armed with a passion for fibre and textiles, Melody combines plant matter, non-toxic metal salts and fibre in the most wonderful natural alchemic process to create one of a kind homewares, accessories, garments and stationery at MELO handmades.

Pigments are carefully coaxed from sustainably sourced botanicals and food waste to colour fibres and textiles using a variety of techniques such as vat dyeing to achieve solid hues, creating resist patterns with shibori and imprinting with flowers and foliage through water-wise bundle dyeing.

Every piece is small batch, hand dyed and handmade by Melody in her Sydney-based home studio, so each one is truly unique and cannot be replicated. Besides high-quality handcrafted products, MELO handmades is also committed to a sustainable lifestyle through a mindful, making process.

Strong emphasis is placed on a transparent provenance of dye materials, which are foraged conscientiously without disrupting the natural landscape or collected from local florists and kitchens to breathe a second life to food and floral waste.

Only non-toxic metal salts and natural pigments are used in the dyeing process, so not only is it better for the environment, but also safer for the consumer compared to conventional, factory dyeing methods.

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