Outer Island Paint Kit

Outer Island

Takeaway Art is your newest favourite thing!

Score the brand new "Takeaway Art" kit from Sydney-based sustainable Australian design duo! A special price of 2 x art kits for $250 (save $50)!

Outer Island is a Sydney-based sustainable Australian design duo with a mission to bring awareness to the magic of Australia’s native plants, animals and habitats through well designed products 100% made in Australia. The collaboration of partners Stephanie Chambers (artist) and Amy Ranck (designer), the Sydney based couple are avid birders, snorkelers, bushwalkers and founders of the Sydney Bird Club. 

With a belief that it’s fundamental to give back to what’s at the heart of their products, Outer Island has partnered with BirdLife Australia, the Australian Marine Conservation Society and Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens to donate 5% from sales of corresponding products to these organizations within Australia working hard to preserve Australia’s oceans, plants and all the special creatures that call Australia home. With the tagline ‘Souvenirs from Planet Earth,’ Outer Island is passionate about protecting this planet and bringing nature into people’s homes.

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